Here at Georgie’s Canal Cruises we have worked as hard as possible on accessibility onto Georgie Kate so we can offer the best possible service to disabled/ limited mobility guests at all times.

During our renovation we widened our doors, improved our entrance stairs and included handrails on the entrance/exit and also toilets.

Whilst we aim to offer our service to as many guests as possibly, we do have some limitations on what we are able to accommodate due to space on board and layout.

Unfortunately due to raised plinths on both sides of the seating area we cannot accommodate wheelchairs and pushchairs on board as our centre walkway is not wide enough for wheelchairs or pushchairs and this would block all emergency exits.

All staff have been trained to provide assistance to guests with disabilities/limited mobility when entering/exiting the vessel.

As we are within a busy, boat building marina we do not have designated disabled parking available however, if notified in advance we can arrange to assist with parking needs.