Terms & Conditions of Hire

  1. Booking
    1.1 This booking is between you (‘the hirer’) and Georgie’s Canal Cruises Limited (‘the company’)
  2. Application
    These conditions apply Whether or not a contract of hire has been entered into as, a result of a quotation being offered and accepted or whether a contract has been made verbally or in writing
  3. Quotation
    Quotations are made subject to the boat suiting the hirer’s requirements, being available at the time of acceptance. Quotations are based on costs prevailing at the time and in accordance with details provided by the hirer.
  4. Terms of Booking
    4.1 A Non refundable deposit of £50.00 will be required at the time of booking
    4.2 The balance of the hire is payable 7 days prior to the booking date agreed
    4.3 Payments may be paid over the phone or by bank transfer.
    4.4 A damage deposit of £100.00 cash deposit must be paid on your booking day. This will be returned in full on the return of the boat in the same condition prior to the hire.
    4.5 Full contact details for the hirer must be provided prior to booking
    4.6 The number of people in the party must be provided prior to booking
    4.7 The company will not accept bookings from hirers under the age of 21 years.
    4.8 The company reserves the right to refuse to hand over the boat to any person, who in their opinion is not suitable to take charge.
    4.9 Non-fulfilment of the booking due to maintenance, interruptions, damage, problems or defects in cruising or defects in cruising or severe adverse weather conditions
    4.10 A refund of the full amount of the booking will be paid if the booking has to be cancelled due to the fault of the company.
  5. Cancellations, alterations and amendments
    If circumstances arise causing the hirer to request alteration, amendment or cancellation of the booking after issue of written confirmation, the company must be advised immediately by telephone or e-mail. The company reserves the right to levy an administration charge of £25 for any alteration or amendment. In the event of the hirer needing to cancel their booking, all deposits are non-refundable therefore the deposit will be forfeited.
  6. Conditions of Hire
    6.1 No more than 8 people may be aboard the boat at any time. You may not exceed the boats maximum capacity of 8 people. We reserve the right to terminate the hire immediately if we believe that the capacity has been breached and no refund will be given.
    6.2 The boat is available to hire all year round
    In peak season 9am till 5pm, Off peak season 9am till 4pm (this is due to the time zones and loss of light)
    6.3 You must arrive at the marina on the day of hire at 8.30am for a briefing about the use of the boat.
    6.4 If the boat is returned after the stated return time on booking you will be charged an additional £10.00 for every 15 minutes the boat is late and this will be deducted from your damage deposit.
    6.5 Life jackets are provided for the hirer and all of their party at no extra charge. All children MUST wear a life jacket whilst venturing on to the front and back deck of the boat, or if around the lock areas.
    6.6 Pets must not be taken on the boat
  7. Insurance
    7.1 The company insures the boat against public liability risks
    7.2 The policy does not cover personal accident or the hirers personal belongings
  8. Loss of water/ Damage to Waterway Property
    You are responsible for charges made by waterway authorities for the loss of water or damage to waterway property caused by you whilst in charge of a boat. You consent by making your Booking with us for the Company to pass your details to the relevant navigation authority in such circumstances.
  9. Death, personal injury or loss of property
    We shall have no liability to you for the death or personal injury to you or any member of your party, unless this results from the act or omission of the Company. You must take all necessary steps to safeguard your personal property. No liability to you is accepted in respect of damage to or loss of such property except where the damage or loss is caused by our negligence.
  10. Damage to the Boat, Equipment or Third-Party Property
    Although the boats are insured by us you are primarily responsible for any damage to the boat and its equipment, or any third-party property. You owe a duty of care to return the boat to us in the condition in which it was hired out to you. Furthermore, the cost of repairs resulting from “cilling” of the boat and/or damage to the stern gear, especially if caused by a rope becoming entangled around the propeller, are not part of the CDW (see Clause 13 below) and chargeable to you (typically not less than £400 and as much as £1500). Damage to topsides paintwork, broken windows, broken fenders or ropes are chargeable
  11. Safety Rules
    The hirer agrees to observe the following rules relating to Health and Safety of the persons on the boat. Other persons and the boat and other property.
    A) Not to use the boat to tow other crafts
    B) To Observe the 4mph speed limit and to always SLOW right down when passing other moored boats
    C) Not to allow any portable heaters, dinghies or inflatables on the boat
    D) Not to allow on board any inflammable liquids, substances, gas cylinders, car batteries, firearms, or any other items which have the potential to cause harm
    E) The boat is not to be controlled by a person under the age of 18 years of age unless being accompanied by a responsible adult
    F) All byelaws and British waterways instruction must be adhered to
    G) Life jackets are recommended for all persons but must be worn by children under the age of 18 years
  12. Accidents
    12.1 The hirer is responsible for the safe navigation of the boat. If there is any accident or damage to the boat the hirer must:-
    A) Obtain the names and addresses of any people aboard another boat involved, including the boat owner and the name of the boat and index number if applicable
    B) Notify Georgie’s Canal cruises IMMEDIATELY with detail of the damage.
    C) Not under any circumstances admit or allow any other person to aboard to admit liability
    12.2 If the company’s insurance is invalidated or affected by any act of the hirer then the hirer shall indemnify the company in respect of all liability claims, loss, damage or expenses incurred
  13. Exemption
    9.1 The company shall not be liable for any matter arising which was out of the reasonable control of the company at the time of its occurrence and was not due to the negligence of the company including—
    A) Death or personal injury of the hirers or their crew
    B) Loss or damage to property
    C) Non-fulfilment of the booking due to maintenance, interruptions, damage, problems or defects in cruising or severe adverse weather conditions
    D) A refund of the full amount of the booking will be paid if the booking has to be cancellation due to the fault of the company