About Us

I was building up a little bakery business from home. We named it after our daughter, Georgie. Georgie’s Cakery has been making occasion cakes and sweet treats for all celebrations alongside supplying two cafe shops locally since 2014.My Mom, Angela stepped on board to help me expand the bakery, running a vintage china hire service on the side. I couldn’t hold her back from collecting all the beautiful individual pieces. All so pretty and unique its impossible to find a favourite. But whilst the China was ever expanding and the cakes were ever rising we found our selves stumbling upon a dream that seemed forever out of our reach.

In August 2016 a friend attached an email with an opportunity and little did we know things would change forever

A belief in our vision was given and a huge renovation was underway. The canal boat Georgie Kate was born and Georgie’s Canal Cruises was founded .

Since then we went on to buy our very cosy coffee house on a cute little court yard in Tettenhall offering afternoon Teas and other sweet treats. We then expanded our boats with our little self drive day boat, named after our god daughter Elsie-Elizabeth, and our holiday boat, The Yardarm, available to enjoy the beauty of our canals for short breaks and long breaks all year round. Who else knows what else awaits us but we love sharing this journey with you.

Meet me and my Family

I’m Jess and this is my husband Michael and our little family. I started off making celebration cakes from my little kitchen at home whilst on maternity leave back in 2014. As I got busier, Michael stepped in to help me build a little website and support me with social media. A lot has changed since expanding with boats and buying a coffee shop, including the height of our children! I now oversee the running of Georgie’s Canal cruises, the day hire and the holiday hire whilst still mixing up a bit of cake batter. Hubby Mike now runs the coffee house in Tettenhall, whilst our Eldest son Ben is now helping in the coffee House and on board Georgie kate whilst finishing his A-levels and learning to drive. Jacob and Elliot are avid football players and play locally for Brewood teams one of which Georgie’s Canal Cruises have been very proud to sponsor. Georgie Kate, is our only daughter who we named our company and Restaurant boat after. She is ambitious, caring and creative and cant wait to run alongside us.


Meet our fabulous Group of Skippers and Crew who make the whole magical experience complete.

What ever the weather they pull out every rain coat and sun visor to make your journey with us as smooth as possible.