Refurbishment update

Hi everyone. The Refurbishment is well underway and we have just one more week until the Launch party and 2 weeks until our first charters start! A lot of the work involved hasn’t been as visible such as new electrics and such like so for a long time the progress looked quite slow. However, all of this work had to take place before the cosmetics so now all this is in place we have now been able to focus on making Georgie Kate look pretty and ready for action! Work is going on every day and as we get ever closer to the deadline, her transformation is looking better and better. If you have a look at the renovation gallery page here you can see just how dramatic the renovation has been to date.

Before carpets

Here she is all stripped back ready for the carpets to be added. The new windows and radiators are in and the paintwork on the side has been done in a grey colour. New spotlights in the roof are also in giving a much better light.

old carpet

On removal of the old carpet we can see just how much a refresh was needed!


The new carpets have been laid and follow the grey colour scheme to give it a much smarter finish.

New chairs have been assembled to add to the fresh new look.

New windows

The lovely new paint job and windows have improved her appearance no end to give her a really smart finish.

new name

Her transformation from the “Staley Rose” to “Georgie Kate” is complete with some new sign writing.


More sign writing to show that Georgie’s Canal Cruises is now here!

new steps

New steps and hand rails were added for ease of entry to go with the widened doors.

bar top

The new bar top has been put in for the bar area.


New toilet and bathroom Refurbishment was much needed from the old one.

More will be added as and when further Refurbishment work is done to keep you up to date.

Thanks for the continued support and following and dont forget to check the calendar on the home page to get your bookings in!!


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