In her old mooring
In her old mooring – Before moving down to Gailey to start renovation work. New lights, front fender, rename and new windows to be added along with new paintwork.


As the Staley Rose
As the Staley Rose – Once renovated she will be renamed as Georgie Kate.


The driving seat
The driving seat – Refresh of the paintwork and tidy up.


The old restaurant layout
The old restaurant layout – New tables, chairs, flooring, change of carpeted walls to wood panelling, replacement double glazing windows and refresh of paintwork to come.


Removing the tables and chairs
Removing the tables and chairs in preparation to remove floors and walls.
The old paintwork
The old paintwork – In serious need of a refresh. Will be sandblasted back to base and then painted in an Oxford Blue and Grey. New Barge pole and planter boxes to also be added for outside effect to go with the new windows.

The crane in place ready to lift her out the water.

Removal of the water tank showing the bow thruster.

Removal of the captain’s table and wall to be refurbished.

Stripping the kitchen back ready for the new floor and walls.

Srious work needed in the toilet.


Stripping the ceiling.

Works to the doors starting. These are due to be widened for ease of access onto the boat.

Old anodes left underneath newer ones. The old anodes will be removed and current ones kept.

The current windows (which don’t fit correctly!!) are to be removed and replaced with brand new, top of the range double glazing.

The hull will also be sand blasted and blacked

 In place in her “workshop” ready for all the works to begin. Not long until she is no longer Staley Rose and becomes Georgie Kate.
Once sandblasted back down the base coat was applied
Then she was made all nice and shiny!
Inside got ripped apart and started again
The New bar area was created
The toilet now has a clean, modern edge to it.
The doors were widened for better accessibility
The new carpet
The signwriters came and the Staley Rose is no more! Welcome Georgie Kate as Georgie’s Canal Cruises!
We had an open day to celebrate!
Then Georgie Kate hosted a Baby shower for her maiden voyage!